Task Force Chair
Clifton Miller, Cemetrics 

For meeting dates and locations, please check the Task Force Meeting events page. Details and locations are posted regularly. For more information, please contact Clifton Miller.

Innovative and collaborative communities are having a direct impact on how cities are designed and how workforce places are structured. Startups and creative industries are highly coveted by areas attempting to attract the creative class. The Innovative Community Task Force seeks to examine the benefits of collaborative environments as they pertain to innovation and economy, and partnerships between the Dallas Independent School District, local colleges/universities and the entrepreneurial spaces. This action area will provide information to our membership directly pertaining to these types of industries and issues and how they are not only rethinking the way work spaces are designed, but are also having significant economic impacts.

The Innovative Communities Task Force is also charged with:

  • Submitting Monthly Summary Reports
  • Creating and submitting an annual Operating Plan
  • Conducting bi-monthly Lunch and Learn sessions throughout the year
  • Coordinating at least one Membership Breakfast Program
  • Identifying, analyzing and preparing a position statement on one or more issues that affect communities in the region
  • Authoring Letters to the Editor as appropriate