Task Force Co-chair - John Clarkson, John Clarkson, LLC
Task Force Co-chair - Tom Grant, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


Mobility provides access across the urban space to create our business, cultural and social life. Our vehicles, and the right-of-way they run on, are key drivers of our economy. By moving people and goods, getting us to school, and connecting us to nature, mobility can and should maximize opportunity for all. Mobility, at best, can improve our neighborhoods, enliven our streets, keep us safe, and preserve nature

The Mobility Task Force will focus on policy and design issues as they impact the urban fabric. Our scope will include all modes of transit, from walking to using bikes, autos, trucks, busses, rail and airborne, human-driven and automated, as the technologies develop. We acknowledge the profound and often unexpected interactions of these technologies on the urban experience, and want to advocate those that benefit all equitably. 

Beginning in early 2021, we will meet using virtual technology (via Zoom or similar services). These meetings will typically be scheduled from 7:30 until 9:00 A.M. on a Tuesday, We will return to face-to-face breakfasts and Lunch-and-Learns as public health considerations allow.

To view upcoming meetings and sign-up for events, please check the Task Force Meeting events page. Details and locations are updated regularly. To be added to the Mobility Task Force e-mail list and for more information, please contact the Mobility Task Force Chairs at [email protected].

Please check out our Mobility Task Force Blog.

NOTE: Login or call-in information will be provided in advance to those who RSVP to Notices at least 24-hours prior to meeting times.