Task Force Chair - John Clarkson, John Clarkson, LLC

Task Force Vice Chair - Tom Grant, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


Mobility, infrastructure and access equity are key drivers in the movement of people and commerce and their impacts on the economy, housing and land use within the urban environment. Collectively, these variables have significant impacts on the shape and viability of a diverse set of environments including neighborhoods, commercial districts, our downtowns, open spaces, and even how we view our creek and river corridors.

The 2020 Mobility Task Force focuses on policy issues that impact how mobility, infrastructure, safety and access impact the urban fabric, shape the environment and provide access for all types of modes, including bus, light rail, commuter rail and high-speed rail transit; automobiles on highways and toll roads; automation and flying taxis; plus bikeways, trails and other types of micromobility accommodation. Many of these have emerged quickly as impactful technologies that must be thoughtfully planned for.

During 2020, our meetings will be facilitated using virtual meeting technology (via WebEx or similar services). These will typically be scheduled from 7:30 until 9:00 A.M. on the fourth Tuesday of each month – from January through November, except for a summer break during July. Face-to-face formats will be hosted at least once during each quarter, in the form of a breakfast meeting or Lunch & Learn event.

To become a participant or confirm meeting dates and locations, please check the Task Force Meeting events page. Details and locations are updated regularly. For more information, please contact the Mobility Task Force Chairs at [email protected].

Please check out our Mobility Task Force Blog.

NOTE: Login or call-in information will be provided in advance to those who RSVP to Notices at least 24-hours prior to meeting times.