Planning a “Future for ALL”
The Greater Dallas Planning Council’s Statement of Solidarity and Unity.

We watched George Floyd’s heartbreaking and unnecessary death and the following tragic events unfold before us. We have seen understandable outrage, angst and anger that have led to both peaceful protests and, unfortunately, collateral damage to the Community. Many have felt anguished, heartbroken, and outraged over excessive use of force and senseless killings at the hands of law enforcement which have amplified the cumulative harm, up to and including the devastating impacts of systemic racism, done to black communities across the county including the greater Dallas area. The GDPC, as an organization, society as a whole and each of us individually, must take identifiable actions and benchmark them to address the injustices which threaten our collective desire for a just and equitable society. Now more than ever, we need to strive proactively for solidarity, understanding and unity.

The Mission of the GDPC is to shape, promote and advocate a creative and sustainable future for the Dallas region. This charge is inclusive and applies to everyone including disenfranchised communities regardless of race, gender or creed. As an organization of professionals concerned about our region and community, we believe in the power of design, planning, and policy to affect change in our community and in ALL our lives. Now is the time for us to lead and promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. While our community has been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, consideration must be given to how we serve the voiceless in our community. We acknowledge the role that we, as a planning organization, can play in creating and maintaining a community that works to eliminate discrimination and oppression of ALL communities of color. And we recognize that we all have an ethical and moral responsibility to work proactively towards righting the wrongs of the past.

The Greater Dallas Planning Council wishes to convey deep care and concern for our black colleagues, their families and friends, and the communities in which they live, serve and work. It is our commitment to learn and grow from this trauma and move beyond words to action. We will develop a plan for equity, diversity and inclusion; invite all stakeholders to the table and, in alignment with our mission, work towards building a creative and sustainable future for the Dallas region.


Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of subject matter experts. Our mission to provide a forum for exploring and developing policies for the betterment of the greater Dallas area benefits from this diversity. We have members representing both public and private sector in the following areas:


Monthly Member Meetings, Socials, Annual Luncheon, Urban Design Awards, Task Force Lunch & Learns. The GDPC Task Forces address fundamental issues affecting the future vitality of the region. These issues are all interrelated, and according to the mission of the GDPC, should be viewed through the lens of sustainability. The policy recommendations put forth by these task forces must help create a more attractive environment, while promoting economic growth, safety, energy efficiency and a strong educational foundation for future generations.