Looking ahead to the future is what GDPC as a planning organization is all about. It thus seemed appropriate that I fill you in early this year about what the GDPC will be doing in the coming year.

Coming off a record year in 2018 of successful programs and financial success, GDPC is in a strong position to continue that success in 2019. “Engaging the Future Today” will continue to be our theme for 2019 because it describes so well what we do and are about. We all want Dallas to grow and prosper in a sustainable, equitable manner, but that won’t happen by accident. We must be thoughtful and creative in planning for the Dallas region’s strong continuing growth to achieve those objectives.  Read more... 


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  • Where promoting structured economic and building development can create a more livable city...
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Our membership is comprised of a diverse group of subject matter experts. Our mission to provide a forum for exploring and developing policies for the betterment of the greater Dallas area benefits from this diversity. We have members representing both public and private sector in the following areas:
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Economic
  • Environment
  • Communications
  • Community Representatives


Monthly Breakfasts, Socials, Annual Luncheon, Urban Design Awards, Task Force Lunch & Learns. The GDPC Task Forces address fundamental issues affecting the future vitality of the region. These issues are all interrelated, and according to the mission of the GDPC, should be viewed through the lens of sustainability. The policy recommendations put forth by these task forces must help create a more attractive environment, while promoting economic growth, safety, energy efficiency and a strong educational foundation for future generations.

  • Innovative Communities
  • Mobility
  • Natural Resources
  • Urban Design